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TRIUMPH, GENUS "Na kom je nyní tolik z mojí vùle?" 12"LP out NOW!

Compilation sharing all 3 latest EPs of Triumph, Genus previously released on cassette format only. Pressed on strictly limited 180 gram vinyl..






VELO MISERE "Genealogía del Eterno Desasosiego" MCD out NOW!

'Genealogía del Eterno Desasosiego' expels tragedy and mourn, it talks about the annunciation of death as the supreme power, the eternal chimera in which each man tries to own his life until he's finally forced to abdicate before the impositions of existence, and a last dialogue before the final departure and liberation.



KROLOK " Flying Above Ancient Ruins" Digipack CD  out NOW!

Digipack re-release incl. 8 page booklet. Atmospheric and intricate black metal in the 90's tradition with a raw edge. No more words needed, cult album!!!