Compact discs:


hex006: AEON WINDS "On the Way to Oblivion"

format: CD 2015 / limited to 500

You already know this band from successful splits with Troll or Midnight Odyssey, but „On the Way...“ is a compendium of debut album „Those Who Will Remain Silent Forever“ and re-mastered demo „Aeon“ plus one previously unreleased song recorded specially for this compilation CD. Almost 80 minutes of essential atmospheric Black Metal mixed with dream-like ambient. Highly recommended for fans of early Emperor, Limbonic Art, Troll, Dimmu Borgir...

hex011: SHADOWS GROUND "Mysteria Mystica Calvus Mons"

format: CD 2016 / limited to 666

The fourth album of these possessed blasphemers hailing from cold moors of Ukraine. Almost 50 minutes of Orthodox and Underground Black Metal dealing with sorcery, death and primary satanism. Their best album so far without any doubts. Highly recommended for fans of bands such as Mare, Sortilegia, early Behexen, One Tail One Head...etc. CD comes with 8-page booklet and it's released in cooperation with Schattenkult Produktionen, handnumbered to 666 copies.

hex016: ALGOR/AEON WINDS "Za prahom vzdialených svetov..."

format: digipack CD / limited to 500

Two unique and talented bands from Slovakia joined their forces for the split album "Za prahom vzdialených svetov...". This highly anticipated split is released as limited digipak CD with inner leporello booklet. Both bands bring their own tracks as well as spectacular and original presentation of carefully selected cover songs. Atmospheric Black Metal for fans of ... Algor & Aeon Winds (of course).

hex020: HYNGWAR "Eternal Glory"

format: digipack CD / limited to 200 copies

Raw, aggressive and uncompromising Black Metal paying tribute to the old Nordic BM bands. Three long songs enshrouded by the viking battles and northern cold winds will pass you on the journeys of "Eternal Glory". Released on limited digipak CD.

hex022: STANGARIGEL "Na Severe Srdca"

format: CD 2023 (re-release) / limited to 500

Jewelcase edition of this unique Black Metal act from Slovakia. Comes with 8 page booklet. Released in cooperation with Into the Night Prod. Limited to 500 pieces.

hex023: A ZA SOLNCEM LUNA... "Discipline and Blood"

format: CD / limited to 200 copies

The second album from this group, which deals with vampirism, black art, bloody romance, the opposite of reality... Expect once again top notch symphonic yet still dense and striking Black Metal in its best condition. Released as jewelcase CD, limited to 200 copies.

hex025: TAJE SKAL "Taje Skal"

format: CD 2023 / limited to 150

Czecho-Slovak edition in standard Jewelcase.  Epic and Majestic Black Metal from Czech Republic, sharing the members of bands like Triumph, Genus, Kult Ofenzivy and Sator Marte. Comes with 4 page booklet. 


Cassettes & Demo tapes:


hexTK-27: KROLOK "Flying Above Ancient Ruins"

format: Demo 2014 / 2nd press (2020) with bonus track

Atmospheric and intricate black metal in the 90's tradition with a raw edge. This is the second press with one bonus song and improved cover artwork on A4 format. Limited to 200 copies, 100 copies came with red tape shell with black print and the rest is on black shell with red print. Released in blasphemous pact with Into the Night. 

hexTK-32: ALATYR "Do Zeme Zabudnutia"

format: Tape LP 2023

Mournful and Atmospheric Black Metal from Slovakia. A long forgotten and well hidden gem recorded in 2007 but finally restored and in some parts re-recorded by Igric in 2022. This unique cassette edition contains 2 bonus tracks that are used on this release only. Comes on profi cassette, limited to 100 pieces.


format: Tape LP 2023

Finally available in cassette format too. Beautiful Atmospheric Black Metal split album sharing two great names from Slovakia and Australia. Comes on profi cassette, limited to 200 pieces. Released in conspiracy with Ex Oblivion. 


format: Tape LP 2023

Finally available in cassette format too. Beautiful Atmospheric Black Metal split album sharing three great bands in its genre. Comes on profi cassette, limited to 200 pieces. Released in conspiracy with Ex Oblivion. 




hexLP-23: ALGOR "Hierofánia"

format: 12"LP Vinyl 2022

Nine tracks of monumental and utmost original Atmospheric Black Metal. Originally released in 2013 on limited digipak CD and cassette. Finally available on heavy 180 g black vinyl with 12" 4 page insert with lyrics in native language as well as English translations.

hexLP-24: CRESSET "Obscurantism"

format: 12"LP Vinyl 2022

Total lethal and sinister Black Metal from Slovakia that delivers heavy, relentless and obscure riffing with bone chilling sepulchral vocals. Already out now on black wax with A4 insert.

hexLP-25: KARPATHIA "Urheimat-Volanie Havranov"

format: 12"LP Vinyl 2022

Harsh yet Atmospheric Black Metal with strong Epic/Pagan vibes. Sharing members of Aeon Winds and Concubia Nocte. For fans of early Emperor, Nokturnal Mortum... Comes on black vinyl with insert and regular jacket.

hexLP-27: ZMYRNA / NEBRAN "Split"

format: 12"LP Vinyl 2023

Excellent Medieval Black Metal from Prague versus German Black Metal paying the tribute to the old Nordic BM scene.  Both bands present on this split 3 killer tracks. Comes on limited black vinyl in regular sleeve and insert.


CD releases:

hex001: WARMARCH "Pactum Cum Diabolus" CD 2009

hex002: SKON "At The End Of A Journey" MCD 2010

hex003: VENEROR "Percussimus Foedus Cum Morte" CD 2013 

hex004: EVIL "Legenda neskrotných živlov" CD 2013

hex005: ALGOR "Hierofánia" digipackCD 2013

hex007: EVIL "Studňa" CD 2015

hex008: KORIUM "Spoor of the Wolf (retrospective collection 2003 - 2013)" Double CD 2015

hex009: MALOKARPATAN "Stridžie dni" CD 2015 / digipack CD 2016 / digipack CD 2019

hex010: GOATCRAFT "όλεθρος" MCD 2015

hex012 : KROLOK "Flying Above Ancient Ruins" digipack CD 2017

hex012 : KROLOK "Flying Above Ancient Ruins" jewelcase CD 2017

hex012 : KROLOK "Flying Above Ancient Ruins" digipack CD 2018 re-release

hex013: VELO MISERE "Genealogía del Eterno Desasosiego" MCD 2018

hex014: GITROG "Spectral Heraldry" digipack CD 2019

hex015: KROLOK/TEMNOHOR "Split" digipack CD 2019

hex017: A ZA SOLNCEM LUNA "На Метле к Звёздам (On a Broom to the Stars)" CD 2021

hex018: CRESSET "Obscurantism" CD 2021

hex019: REMMIRATH "Smrť pútnikova" CD 2021

hex021: A ZA SOLNCEM LUNA... "Crows Carry The Night" digipackMCD 2021

hex022: STANGARIGEL "Na Severe Srdca" digipack CD 2022

hex024: AEON WINDS "Aeon" digipack CD 2022


TAPE releases:

hexTK-01: SZRON "Freezing Eyes Of Hate" TapeLP 2010

hexTK-02: KORIUM "Pendulum Of Sorrow" TapeLP 2010

hexTK-03: BLACK ANGEL / EVIL "Infernal Rituals"  Split TapeLP

hexTK-04: TRIUMPH, GENUS "Všehorovnost..."  TapeLP 2013

hexTK-04-666: SLAVIGROM "Live in Total Underground 16.6.2007"

hexTK-05: SHADOWS GROUND "Mysteria Mystica Calvus Mons" TapeLP 2013

hexTK-06: ALGOR "Hierofánia" TapeLP 2014

hexTK-07: KULT OFENZIVY "Nauky.../Radikalni Ateismus" TapeLP 2015

hexTK-08: GORRCH "Nera Estasi" TapeLP 2015

hexTK-09: KORIUM "Strazcovia Hradu" TapeLP 2015

hexTK-10: TRIUMPH, GENUS "Jiné se dnes má mými světy rozléhat" TapeEP 2014

hexTK-11: KORIUM "Spoor of the Wolf (retrospective collection 2003 – 2013)"  Double Tape 2015

hexTK-12: REMMIRATH "Shambhala Vril Saucers" Tape LP 2015

hexTK-13: KULT OFENZIVY "Symfonie Oceli" TapeLP 2015

hexTK-14: MALOKARPATAN "Stridžie Dni" Tape LP 2015

hexTK-15: GOATCRAFT "όλεθρος" TapeLP 2016

hexTK-16: TRIUMPH, GENUS "V zasnezenych vrcholech se odrazi muj smysl" TapeEP 2016

hexTK-17: DO SKONU "The Grand Awakening Among the Great Sleep" TapeLP 2016

hexTK-18: TRIUMPH, GENUS "Hladiny plynoucích, žádný ztřek není do vás mým tokem promítnut" TapeEP 2017

hexTK-19: NIGHTRITE "Black Moon Rituals" TapeLP 2017

hexTK-20: KROLOK "Flying Above Ancient Ruins" TapeLP 2017

hexTK-21: HENOSIS "Unleash the Ophidian Essence from the Reverse of Creation" TapeLP 2017

hexTK-22: MALOKARPATAN "Nordkarpatenland" TapeLP 2017

hexTK-23: TRIUMPH, GENUS "Na kom je nyní tolik z mojí vůle" TapeEP 2018

hexTK-24: TRIUMPH, GENUS "Po vrhu vždy je prázdno kolébek" TapeLP 2019

hexTK-25: KULT OFENZIVY "Tak jsem Ji přizval k sobě" TapeLP 2020

hexTK-26: DOMINION OF SUFFERING "The Birth of Hateful Existence" TapeLP 2020

hexTK-28: KROLOK "When the Moon Sang Our Songs" TapeLP 2020

hexTK-29: A ZA SOLNCEM LUNA... "Демо 2007" Demo 2020

hexTK-30: TAJE SKAL "Taje skal" TapeLP 2021

hexTK-31: STANGARIGEL "Na Severe Srdca" TapeLP 2022


VINYL releases:

hexLP-01: ALGOR "Úder Pohanského Hnevu" 12"LP vinyl

hexLP-02: VENEROR "Percussimus Foedus cum Morte" 12"LP vinyl

hexLP-03: KULT OFENZIVY "Symfonie Oceli" 12"LP vinyl

hexLP-04: SATANCHIST "Drtiči kacířských pohlaví" 12"LP vinyl

hexLP-05: FOREFATHER "The Fighting Man" 12"LP vinyl

hexLP-06: STRIX "Taetra Opera Carnis" 12"LP vinyl

hexLP-07: AUÐN "Auđn" 12"LP vinyl

hexLP-08: Fortíð "Völuspá Part III: Fall of the Ages" 12"LP vinyl

hexLP-09: EVIL "Legenda neskrotnych zivlov" 12"LP vinyl

hexLP-10: KORIUM "Hradby Samoty" 12"mLP vinyl

hexLP-11: KORIUM / TRIST "Split" 12"LP vinyl

hexLP-12: KROLOK "Flying Above Ancient Ruins" 12"LP vinyl

hexLP-12 (r1): KROLOK "Flying Above Ancient Ruins" 12"LP (2018 gatefold re-press)

hexLP-13: TRIUMPH, GENUS "Na kom je nyní tolik z mojí vůle?" 12"LP vinyl 

hexLP-14: SZRON "Death Camp Earth" 12"LP vinyl 

hexLP-15: TEMNOHOR "Pýcha Lesov Karpatských" 12"LP vinyl

hexLP-16: TEMNOHOR "Krv a pot Malých Karpát" 12"LP vinyl

hexLP-17: ELFFOR "Frostbitten Pain" 12"LP vinyl

hexLP-18: MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY / AEON WINDS "Aeon Odyssey" 12"LP vinyl

hexLP-19: ALGOR / AEON WINDS "Za prahom vzdialených svetov..." 12"LP vinyl

hexLP-20: ELFFOR "Impious Battlefields" 12"LP vinyl

hexLP-21: ZMYRNA "Zmyrna" 12"mLP vinyl

hexLP-22: GOATCRAFT "Spheres Below" 12"LP vinyl

hexLP: STANGARIGEL "Na Severe Srdca" 12"LP vinyl

hexLP-26: SLAVIGROM "Návrat Slovanskej Nenávisti" 12"LP vinyl

hexEP-01: TRIUMPH, GENUS "Jiné se dnes má mými světy rozléhat" 7"EP vinyl


ALGOR "K lesným chrámom"
Black shirt with print on both sides
ALGOR "Hierofánia" Black and white shirts with print on both sides

MALOKARPATAN "Stridžie dni" Black and red shirts with full color print on both sides

KROLOK "Flying Above Ancien Ruins" Black shirt with print on both sides

STANGARIGEL "Na Severe Srdca" Black shirt with print on both sides