hex 003 / hexLP-02: VENEROR "Percussimus Foedus cum Morte"

format: CD 2013  limited to 1000 pieces / 12"LP limited to 500 pieces


Debut album. 8 tracks of Serpentine Black Metal from Italy bearing the okkult atmosphere and pride of Necromass, Altar Of Perversion and Mortuary Drape yet with a personal sound! Powerfully recorded and equally aggressive and melodic, Veneror will slit your throat and crush your heart with hands cold as Death itself.

Available on CD and LP with high-gloss lamination cardboard and gold printing. Designed with majestic art by Necromantic Arts (Swe) and layout by Ba'al (Hol). Released in cooperation with New Era Productions.


MP3: "The wings of the Daimon Sethos"  Picture: CD - LP

hex TK-06: ALGOR "Hierofánia"


format: TapeLP 2014 / limited to 200 copies

10 long years have passed and the new masterpiece of Algor is finally embraced by the colossal space-time. 8 tracks of monumental and atmospheric Black Metal with mournful aura and unique sound that might take you on astral journeys of timelessness and revealing sacredness. This is the profi manufactured and sealed cassette edition limited to 200 pieces.
status: AVAILABLE  sample: SOUNDLCLOUD  pictures: HERE

hexLP-06: STRIX "Taetra Opera Carnis"

format: 12" vinyl / limited to 250 copies


North-Eastern Italian witching and arcane Black Metal executed sharply yet with a raw edge to reflect the malicious nature of sorcerous invocations made by Legio Strigis. Strix continues honouring the Black Art along with the names such as Altar of Perversion, Veneror, Tenebrae in Perpetuum and the likes, who've managed to cultivate their distinctively recognizable sound. 12"LP limited to 250 copies.

status: AVAILABLE  sample: BANDCAMP  Picture: HERE

hex 006: AEON WINDS "On the Way to Oblivion"

format: CD 2015 / limited to 500 pieces


You already know this band from successful splits with Troll or Midnight Odyssey, but „On the Way...“ is a compendium of debut album „Those Who Will Remain Silent Forever“ and re-mastered demo „Aeon“ plus one previously unreleased song recorded specially for this compilation CD. Almost 80 minutes of essential atmospheric Black Metal mixed with dream-like ambient. Highly recommended for fans of early Emperor, Limbonic Art, Troll, Dimmu Borgir...  .

status: AVAILABLE  sample: SOUNDLCLOUD  pictures: HERE

hex 007: EVIL "Studňa"

format: CD 2015 / limited to 500 pieces

Second album of the Slovakian Evil finally out. This album once again affirms the higher level of musical creativity, lyrical indenpedence and individuality of this band. Sumberge into the Black Metal darkness of The Well and inhale the stench of Death lurking in the murky bowels of the abyss on nothingness.
status: AVAILABLE  sample: SOUNDLCLOUD  pictures: HERE

hex 008: KORIUM "Spoor of the Wolf (retrospective collection 2003 – 2013)"

format: Double CD 2015 / limited to 500 pieces


Grim, cold and eerie Black Metal with ambient touches hailing directly from Cachtice (Csejthe) village. Expect really original and haunting music with torturing vocals from the other world and tunes enshrouded in monumental yet vile atmosphere. This release is retrospective collection with rare and hard-to-find tracks from various demos, splits and EPs. Released as double CD limited to 500 pieces.

status: AVAILABLE  sample: SOUNDLCLOUD  pictures: HERE

hex 010: GOATCRAFT "όλεθρος"

format: CD 2015 / limited to 500 pieces


After long years in the Void of Existence, crawling from the Depths of Netherworld, a communion of the Night, entitled GOATCRAFT, reveals its opening Work entitled "όλεθρος". Crowned in Dreadful Torments and baptized by the Fires of the scorched Heart, this Opus offers total of XIII calls for the Final Dawn. Forged in the nihilistic caves of Istrosian Nest, an earthly called Black/Death Metal is ready to be spread over matter, Malkuth. Come, and thus sing the songs towards our endless Perdition!

status: AVAILABLE  sample: BANDCAMP  picture: HERE

hex 011: SHADOWS GROUND "Mysteria Mystica Calvus Mons"

format: CD 2016 / limited to 666 pieces


The fourth album of these possessed blasphemers hailing from cold moors of Ukraine. Almost 50 minutes of Orthodox and Underground Black Metal dealing with sorcery, death and primary satanism. Their best album so far without any doubts. Highly recommended for fans of bands such as Mare, Sortilegia, early Behexen, One Tail One Head...etc. CD comes with 8-page booklet and it's released in cooperation with Schattenkult Produktionen, handnumbered to 666 copies.

status: AVAILABLE  sample: SOUNDLCLOUD  picture: HERE

hexTK-17: DO SKONU "The Grand Awakening Among the Great Sleep"

format: TapeLP 2016 / limited to 100 pieces


Do Skonu is a path in search for the wisdom of the occult, a ritualistic journey in depth of Slavonic mysteries and witchcraft. In your ears are hearing music, maybe familiar maybe not but this is something so much deeper to the artist. Through the power of chaos magic feelings and energy is invoked into the creation of the music. With this album they have calmed down a bit from the more edgy aggressive stuff and are a lot more multidimensional, darker and more atmospheric. (description by F.P.Records)

status: AVAILABLE  sample: BANDCAMP  picture: HERE

hexLP-09: EVIL "Legenda neskrotnych zivlov"
format: 12" vinyl / limited to 100 copies

Finally also available on 12"LP, strictly limited to 100 copies. The debut album of this promising Slovak horde offers 6 tracks of intense but melodic Black Metal lyrically based on the novel “Bride of the Pastures/Forests” written by Frantisek Svantner. LP comes with the A4 insert with lyrics written in Slovak and translated to English. Cover painting by David Glomba (Teitan Arts).

status: AVAILABLE  sample: BANDCAMP  picture: HERE

hexLP-10: KORIUM "Hradby Samoty"
format: 12" vinyl / limited to 96 copies

One of the most significant demos in whole Slovak Black Metal history. This piece of eerie lo-fi Underground Black Metal was released as Korium´s second demo in 2005. Four songs of raw and dissonant journey through the abstract worlds. Released as one-sided vinyl with fold-over cover. 

status: AVAILABLE  sample: SOUNDCLOUD  picture: HERE

hex 012 : KROLOK "Flying Above Ancient Ruins"

format: CD 2017 / limited to 400 pieces


Debut album finally out. KROLOK is atmospheric and intricate black metal in the 90's tradition with a raw edge mixed with a balance of haunting keyboards and passages filled with the atmosphere of medieval castles, tombs and gloomy shadowsides of ancient nature. Front cover painted by David Glomba. Only available as jewelcase.

status: AVAILABLE  sample: BANDCAMP  picture: HERE

hexTK-21: HENOSIS "Unleash the Ophidian Essence from the Reverse of Creation"

format: TapeLP 2017 / limited to 100 pieces


From the pits of Chilean Hell erupts the debut album of Henosis entitled 'Unleash the ophidian essence from the reverse of creation' summoning above the pillars of Molok, 6 anthems of transcendental luciferian gnosis. Cassette release, limited to 100 pieces and brand new remastered sound.

status: AVAILABLE  sample: BANDCAMP  picture: HERE


CD releases:

hex 001: WARMARCH "Pactum Cum Diabolus" CD 2009

hex 002: SKON "At The End Of A Journey" MCD 2010

hex 004: EVIL "Legenda neskrotných živlov" CD 2013

hex 005: ALGOR "Hierofánia" digipackCD 2013

hex 009: MALOKARPATAN "Stridžie dni" CD 2015

hex 012 : KROLOK "Flying Above Ancient Ruins" digipack CD 2017


TAPE releases:

hex TK-01: SZRON "Freezing Eyes Of Hate" TapeLP 2010

hex TK-02: KORIUM "Pendulum Of Sorrow" TapeLP 2010

hex TK-03: BLACK ANGEL / EVIL "Infernal Rituals"  Split TapeLP

hex TK-04: TRIUMPH, GENUS "Všehorovnost..."  TapeLP 2013

hex TK-04-666: SLAVIGROM "Live in Total Underground 16.6.2007"

hex TK-05: SHADOWS GROUND "Mysteria Mystica Calvus Mons" TapeLP 2013

hex TK-07: KULT OFENZIVY "Nauky.../Radikalni Ateismus" TapeLP 2015

hex TK-08: GORRCH "Nera Estasi" TapeLP 2015

hex TK-09: KORIUM "Strazcovia Hradu" TapeLP 2015

hex TK-10: TRIUMPH, GENUS "Jiné se dnes má mými světy rozléhat" TapeEP 2014

hex TK-11: KORIUM "Spoor of the Wolf (retrospective collection 2003 – 2013)"  Double Tape 2015

hex TK-12: REMMIRATH "Shambhala Vril Saucers" Tape LP 2015

hex TK-13: KULT OFENZIVY "Symfonie Oceli" TapeLP 2015 (re-release)

hex TK-14: MALOKARPATAN "Stridžie Dni" Tape LP 2015

hex TK-15: GOATCRAFT "όλεθρος" TapeLP 2016

hex TK-16: TRIUMPH, GENUS "V zasnezenych vrcholech se odrazi muj smysl" TapeEP 2016

hex TK-18: TRIUMPH, GENUS "Hladiny plynoucích, žádný ztřek není do vás mým tokem promítnut" TapeEP 2017

hex TK-19: NIGHTRITE "Black Moon Rituals" TapeLP 2017

hex TK-20: KROLOK "Flying Above Ancient Ruins" TapeLP 2017


VINYL releases:

hex LP-01: ALGOR "Úder Pohanského Hnevu" 12" vinyl

hex LP-03: KULT OFENZIVY "Symfonie Oceli" 12" vinyl

hexLP-04: SATANCHIST "Drtiči kacířských pohlaví" 12" vinyl

hexLP-05: FOREFATHER "The Fighting Man" 12" vinyl

hexLP-07: AUÐN "Auđn" 12" vinyl

hexLP-08: Fortíð "Völuspá Part III: Fall of the Ages" 12" vinyl

hexEP-01: TRIUMPH, GENUS "Jiné se dnes má mými světy rozléhat" 7" vinyl

hexLP-11: KORIUM / TRIST "Split" 12"LP vinyl

hexLP-11: KROLOK "Flying Above Ancient Ruins" 12"LP vinyl

ALGOR "K lesným chrámom"
Black shirt with print on both sides
ALGOR "Hierofánia" Black and white shirts with print on both sides

MALOKARPATAN "Stridžie dni" Black and red shirts with full color print on both sides